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Update for Ohio Users

Road Runner in Ohio has switched to using the Digital authentication system. At this time, the only OS/2 login program that can be used with this system is RROS2d. You can find the latest RROS2d sofrware here.


Before you can get on-line with your Road Runner cable modem you need to configure your network card for DHCP. Due to a bug in WARP 4's DHCP you will need to get an MPTS update. As of 6-6-98 the latest is WR08423 and can be found here.

You can test your DHCP configuration by pinging an address out side of your Road Runner network. For example, to ping this site, go to an OS/2 command prompt and type:


Even if you are not logged in you can still ping out. If you do not get a response you most likely have a problem with your DHCP configuration.

Native OS/2 Login Programs

I'm working on a unified RR utility. It is a must have for any RR user! It currently does not perform login/logout function for HP systems but it "should" perform those functions for ANY Toshiba (TAS) RR network! Try it! It will, at a minimum, display lots if nifty information about your RR connection.

Help me test my new RROS2. Click here for more information!

RROS2 02-20-98 : [39,117]

Attention Unix users
As of November 19, 1998 George Coulouris is maintaining the unix llrms code HERE. You can still download the original code below.

Download the sourcecode to my rrlms test program for Digital authentication systems. I used this to develope the plug-in for RROS2. It should allow Linux and FreeBSD users to login to Digital Road Runner networks. I'm putting it out as freeware so have at it! [download]

OS/2 Native Login Programs for OS/2
Method Toshiba HP
Author Phil Karn John Clark
Ported By Larkin Lowrey Larkin Lowrey
Date of last build 1-15-98 2-15-98
Download [47,094] E-Mail
Notes Beta of Phil Karn's rrlogin is available. This OS/2 Native Road Runner login program will work in the San Diego area. Work is in progress to open this up to all Toshiba based Road Runner networks.

For a wealth of information about Road Runner see Phil Karn's web page at

Beta of John Clark's rrclientd now available! If you want to test this beta send an e-mail to the address in the download field. I need to know what RR area you're in and that you are a US citizen (for cryptographic export reasons).

This native OS/2 login program will work for HP based Road Runner networks.

More information about John Clark's rrclientd can be found at