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Updated 12-18

Experimental RROS2

Toshiba, HP, And Digital

If you're a brave soul you want to help, try my new RROS2d RoadRunner login program. This version supports Toshiba, HP, and Digital authentication systems. This program has been tested in San Diego area only so far.


Before you can use the new RROS2d you need to configure your network card for DHCP. Due to a bug in WARP 4's DHCP you will need to get an MPTS update. As of 6-6-98 the latest is WR08423 and can be found here.

You will also need to set your domain name to be your road runner domain name (i.e. This can be done by manually editing the resolv2 file in the ETC directory or via that GUI TCP/IP configuration notebook on the 'Hostnames' tab. You will also need to set your nameserver address to the same IP address as your DHCP server. This address can be found via the dhcpmon (just type dhcpmon at a command prompt) program.


Special thanks go out to Ben Schollnick and Jason Kowalczyk for their help testing the Digital authenticaion code. I would never have been able to get the Digital code working without their help and feedback.

I would also like to thank the kind folks at Time Warner for making my life a living HELL. Why they had to make their Internet access so damn awkward I'll never know.


I'm making my first attempt at RROS2d available now because I need help testing it. I've included the source code for the commandline interface so you can get an idea as to how the protocol is going to work. This protocol will be totally open so anyone can write a front end for it.It's very loose but should work. Run rros2cli w/o params to get the 'usage' info. Stay tuned for updates. Hopefully rros2 will actually become usable soon...

RROS2d will attempt to autodetect your authentication method. If it does not detect anything you're: not on a RoadRunner network, or do not have your doman and nameserver set correctly, or you do not have DHCP setup correctly, or I'm just a bad programmer. If you suspect the latter send me an e-mail (

There is currently only a commandline interface to this version of RROS2d. A PM version is in the works.

Note to HP users:

The RROS2d source code is the same for the HP version and the non HP version. The only difference between them is the HP support module. Any changes to the standard RROS2d will be in the HP build of the same or later date.

Note to Ohio users:

During the transition from HP to Digital authentication you will need to follow this procedure when running RROS2d. Once RROS2d is running, run the following commands; preferably in a batch file.

  • rros2cli setauth digital
  • rros2cli set ClientVersion 20
  • rros2cli login username password

RROS2 Builds:

Date: July 16th
Notes: New HP build: Some bugs fixed. HP users only!
Date: July 13th
Notes: New HP build with more debugging info. No other changes. HP users only!
Date: July 10th
Notes: This version has full HP support which means you need my Kerberos5 DLLs. I managed to knock some of the HP buggs out of RROS2d. This build should work a little better. Kinit is built in to this one so there is no need to run kinit first.
Date: July 10th
Notes: I've added debug output support and reconfigured KeepAlives for Toshiba systems. I've also configured RROS2d to detect the authentication system automatically so there is no real need to run 'detect.'
Date: July 10th
Notes: This is the lastest build of rros2cli and source code.
Date: July 7th
Notes: First rros2d with Kerberos (HP) support. This requires my port of Kerberos 5. You only need the "full" version if you use HP authentication.
Date: July 6th
Notes: First attempt at a daemon style rros2d. See above info...
Date: June 18th
Notes: Added better Toshiba support: Error detection and KeepAlives. Also added "better" error messages for most functions. HP functionality is next on my list.
Date: June 15th
Notes: First experimental release of new and 'improved' RROS2. The Toshiba will not tell you if the login or logout transmissions were successful or not. I'll be adding smarter Toshiba code in the next few days.