K6-2 Performance Estimates

Values based on:

0.057 Watts per MHz

From Kryotech's claims of 35% at -40C and 100% at -120C.
t=8/3(20-p) (0<p<35)
t=80/65(2.5-p) (35<p<100)

Assumption of K6-2 300 which is easily overclockable to 333. It is also assumed that this chip can be clocked to 350 with a chip temperature of 40C or less.

Bus MHz. 75MHz 83.3MHz 90MHz 100MHz 112MHz
3.0x Multiplier
Core 225MHz. 250MHz. 270MHz. 300MHz. 336MHz.
Watts 12.8W 14.3W 15.4W 17.1W 19.2W
% Increase n/a n/a n/a n/a 0.9%
Temp. n/a n/a n/a n/a 50.9C
3.5x Multiplier
Core 263MHz. 292MHz. 315MHz. 350MHz. 392MHz.
Watts 15.0W 16.6W 18.0W 20.0W 22.34W
% Increase n/a n/a n/a 5.1% 17.7%
Temp. n/a n/a n/a 39.7C 6.1C
4.0x Multiplier
Core 300MHz. 333MHz. 360MHz. 400MHz. 448MHz.
Watts 17.1W 19.0W 20.52W 22.8W 25.5W
% Increase n/a n/a 8.1% 20.1% 34.5%
Temp. n/a n/a 31.7C -0.3C -38.7C
4.5x Multiplier
Core 338MHz. 375MHz. 405MHz. 450MHz. 504MHz.
Watts 19.3W 21.4W 23.1W 25.7W 28.7W
% Increase 1.5% 12.6% 21.6% 35.1% 51.4%
Temp. 49.3C 19.7C -4.3C -40.4C -60.2C
5.0x Multiplier
Core 375MHz. 417MHz. 450MHz. 500MHz. 560MHz.
Watts 21.4W 23.8W 25.7W 28.5W 31.9W
% Increase 12.6% 25.2% 35.1% 50.2% 68.2%
Temp. 19.7C -13.9C -40.5C -58.7C -80.9C
5.5x Multiplier
Core 413MHz. 458MHz. 495MHz. 550MHz. 616MHz.
Watts 23.5W 26.1W 28.2W 31.35W 35.1W
% Increase 24.0% 37.5% 48.6% 65.2% 85.0%
Temp. -10.7C -43.1C -56.7C -77.2C -101.5C
6.0x Multiplier
Core 450MHz. 500MHz. 540MHz. 600MHz. 672MHz.
Watts 25.7W 28.5W 30.8W 34.2W 38.3W
% Increase 35.1% 50.2% 62.2% 80.2% 101.8%
Temp. -40.1C -58.7C -73.5C -95.6C -122.2C

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All images and data Copyright 1998 Larkin Lowrey
Well, except for the data provided by AMD and Kryotech...